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My Stupid Year

Posted by [email protected] on July 8, 2016 at 11:20 PM

About a week ago my girlfriend of over a year and I broke up.

It was mutual, and I accepted the fact that we just didn't work. After that, stuff got really crazy.

I finally saw what a terrible situation I had put myself into. Not being in the situation anymore kind of make the situation clearer. Things were not good. Life was not good. I was not good.

Now, though, I'm starting to get back on my feet. The transition is tough because I lived with her, and really did care fore her..., but I've had a lot of support and made a lot of new friends. I'm sorry to anyone that I cut off throughout the relationship, but I was just trying to make it work; and she and I had completely different life styles.

Eventually I just became embarrassed of what I had become. I lost myself in the pursuit of trying to make my relationships work. Even when my girlfriend made it obvious that she didn't care anymore, I just kept trying to make it work. I was disgusted by myself. I knew it was over, but I kept trying because I cared so much.

Bottom line, I have had a stupid year.

But I'm really looking forward to the future. I hope I can avoid being stupid for a little while, and show the world what I'm all about. No more slacking.

Time to make a name for myself; and I have plans. :)

Thank you to everyone who's had my back and has been here for me.

I don't make the best decisions sometimes, but I have my moments.

I'm planning to make sure the rest of the year is filled with mostly good moments.


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